MS, Cancer, Heart Disease… our health, we take it for granted until we cannot.

For years, I have been working with women and guiding through the transition associated with starting and raising their families. Recently, due to my own health crisis, I realized how many of the issues and topics I faced with mothers overlap with those a person faces as they confront a chronic health issue.

Issues of identity changes, body issues, seeking and asking for help, self-esteem and self worth, present themselves frequently in both life situations.   When chronic health issues present they can present more suddenly, knocking us off balance.  The chronic and sometimes uncertain future of our health leads to fear and uncertainty often causing anxiety and depression.

Issues of competency, life expectancy and grief become familiar topics in our minds.  Doctors appointments, science and statics need to be analyzed as we make decisions about health care.  The information that is coming in can be overwhelming and confusing.

When a mother gives birth to her new baby life is celebrated.  When chronic health issues present they are sometimes secrets or shared with few people.  Many people suffer by themselves as they worry about the future and navigate the present.  You do not have to.

Through my health crisis a few years ago, I learned that many of the interventions I used to coach mothers, adapting to their new identity and lifestyle, applied to how I moved through my own diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  Even in the bleakest circumstances we can still have control.  We can still make choices that can effect how we live and see our lives.

This is the first building block.  We have choices, we need to explore and find the choices that are going to help us to survive and thrive in our circumstances. We need a safe place to look at all of our feelings and fears so we can take action and move towards our healthiest physical and emotional life.

Healing Choices Counseling is here for you, combining 20 plus years of counseling experience and life experience to guide, to listen, to empower you to live and love the life you have.