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God never intended for women to give up their most unique and special qualities because they are loving and caring for their families.

It is from this concept that I began to develop The Balanced Mother Counseling services 15 years ago.  The theories and methods that I  developed then still  direct my work in my private practice and in my workshops today. It is what has helped my clients and workshop participants to create lives that connect deeply with their strengths and authencity. It is this foundation that builds a life that is more balanced and rewarding; honoring family, motherhood and individuality. 

I have been privileged to work with the many many women over the years in all different stages of motherhood and life.  Depression, anxiety, loss, grief, fertility, sexual abuse and balance have all been topics that I have helped clients to negotiate and find their way through.  Women love deeply and with vulnerability.  That ability can be their greatest weakness and also their greatest strength.  That love is the motivation behind getting healthier and living a full and satisfying life.

The Balanced Mother offers workshops, individual counseling and walking therapy to help accommodate the needs of mothers.  Some of the workshop topics that are offered are: Balancing Acts; finding your own unique motherhood, InLaws; Making the Most of the Relationship, Couples Connections; Reconnecting at a Time of Scarcity, and Finding Time and Space for You; the Kind that Makes a Difference.  Call if you have a group that is interested in a private workshop.

Over the years I have also designed a workbook that can be used to guide mothers in their transition into motherhood.  The workbook, Creating Your Balance; Discovering Your Values and Actions that Will Create Your Ideal Motherhood is available for purchase.  It contains over 15 different activities that women can use as a guide them as they connect to what they have to uniquely bring to mothering their families.   I believe it is necessary to find unique ways to help women deal with the limited time and resources they have as they manage family responsibilities.  I want women to find their path to both experiencing the power of who they are and the enjoyment of the families they are so lovingly creating.


"I have been incredibly blessed to have Michelle as a vital part of my wellness for the last 4 years. She has helped me through my seasons of womanhood, motherhood and hormonal fluctuations- through times of depression, anger and anxiety. She has helped me find my identity, significance and purpose and has given me tools to live the life I was designed for. She has been a safe place for me to share comfortably, trusting she truly hears with kindness and without judgement. Her wisdom and insight astounds me every time we meet. I recommend Michelle to every woman seeking a healthy life."   Client age 35